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Current development of opto-coupled
- Mar 17, 2017 -

Japanese market of optoelectronic Coupler is not too large, but with 40% annual rate of increase, the main reason is each program controller with photoelectric coupler 20~ 30 or more. Now, Photocoupler has shown a large capacity and high speed of a clear trend. Both Japan and the United States, the production of optoelectronic coupler with IR LEDs and photosensitive devices devices consisting of mainly the type of device about the entire United States and Japan produced about 60% of all photo-Coupler. Because this type of devices not only current high transmission efficiency (typically 7-30%), and the response speed is relatively fast (2~ 5 μ s), which are sufficient for most application requirements.

In recent years, the Mainland authorities put a lot of manpower and research and developed a variety of optical coupling device.