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Led display background
- Mar 17, 2017 -

LED luminous colours and luminous efficiency and LED materials and technology related to the light balls all Blu-ray at first, followed by fluorescent powder according to the different needs, regulating a different color, the extensive use of red, green, blue, and yellow four. Because LED low voltage (1.2~4.0V only), active light and there is a certain brightness, brightness and voltage (or current) adjusted its impact resistance, vibration resistance, long life (100,000 hours), so in large display device, there is no other way to display with LED display match.

The red and green LED chips or tubes together as one pixel is made of screens known as Tri-color or two-color screen, the red, green, and blue LED chips or tubes together as one pixel display called Tri-phosphor screen or full color. If only a color on called monochrome or single color screen, making indoor LED screen of pixel size General is 1.5-12 mm, often used put several can produced different color of LED tube core package into one, Outdoor LED screen of pixel size more for 6-41.5 mm, each pixel by several a various monochrome LED composition, common of finished said pixel tube, double color pixel tube General by 2 Red 1 green composition, three color pixel tube with 1 red 1 green 1 blue composition.