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Opto-coupled main features
- Mar 17, 2017 -

① the one-way transmission of optical signals, the output signal on the input side without feedback, effectively blocking circuits or electrical contact between systems, but it does not cut off the signal between them. II isolation performance, fully realized between input and output electrically isolated. ③ optical signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference, stable and reliable. Black-light emission device with photosensor spectral matching is ideal, fast response time, high transmission efficiency, optoelectronic coupled devices usually in microseconds or nanoseconds of time constant level. ⑤ strong resistance to common-mode noise, interference and to eliminate noise well suppressed. ⑥ no contact point, long life, small size, strong anti-impact ability. ⑦ easy connected to the logic circuit. ⑧ wide operating temperature range, in line with the industrial and military temperature standards.

Because of the optocoupler input is a light-emitting device, organic light emitting devices are impedance current-driven devices, noise is a kind of internal resistance of high micro-current and voltage signals. The large common-mode rejection ratio of photoelectric Coupler, opto-coupled devices can effectively suppress interference and noise. In computer communication and real-time control signal isolation circuit interface can greatly increase the reliability of the computer. Terminal isolator in long-term information transfer can significantly improve signal to noise ratio. Therefore, it has been widely used in the circuit. Has now become the most species, one of the most widely used optical devices.