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- Mar 17, 2017 -

Optocoupler is light-mediated transmission signal of an electro-optical conversion device. It consists of a light source and the light is composed of two parts. Assembled in the same light source and the light closed shell, each separated by a transparent dielectric isolation. Hair pins as inputs of the light source, light PIN as an output port, a common light source for light-emitting diodes, optical photodiodes, phototransistor, and more.

Photo-coupler (optical Coupler, the English abbreviation for the OC), also known as optical isolator, optocoupler for short. Optocoupler with light to medium transmit electrical signals. It's good isolation for input and output signals, so it extensively in circuit applications. At present, it has become the most species, one of the most widely used optical devices. Optical coupler consists of three components: optical transmitter and optical receiver and signal amplification. Input signal-driven light-emitting diodes (LED), making it a certain wavelength of light emitted, and light detectors and light current, and then after further amplified output. This completes the electro-optical-electric conversion, which play the role of input and output, isolating. Due to the opto-coupler between the input and output are isolated from each other, the electrical signal transmission with unidirectional characteristics, so it has good electrical insulation and anti-jamming capabilities.

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