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Photo-coupler structure
- Mar 17, 2017 -

Optocoupler's main structure is the light emitting device and light receiving device Assembly in an airtight shell, using light-emitting device pins as input and output pins of the receiver as. When you input and electrical signals, luminous glow. In this way, optical receiving device due to photo-generated light effects in light current and output by the output. So as to achieve the "light" for the transmission of electrical signals of the media, and input and output ends of the device is electrically insulated. 

Thus constitute an intermediate by new semiconductor optoelectronic devices for optical transmission signal. Optocoupler packages usually have tube-shaped, dual-in-line three-line and fiber-optic connections. Has a small size, long life, wide range of working temperature, strong anti-interference performance. Non-contact input and output electrically isolated and so on.