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The basic characteristics of optocoupler
- Mar 17, 2017 -

1, high common-mode rejection ratio

Photo-coupler due to coupling capacitance between led and light a small (2pF) so common-mode input voltage coupling capacitance between electrodes has little influence on the output current, and high common-mode rejection ratio.

2, the output characteristics

Optocoupler output refers to a certain glow under the current IF, photosensitive tube by adding bias voltage VCE's relationship with output current IC, when IF=0,, led does not glow, photosensitive transistor collector output current at this time called the dark current, generally small. When IF>0 when, in the presence of certain IF, the IC basically has nothing to do with the VCE. Change into a linear relationship between the IC and IF using transistor characteristic exhibit instrument measure the output of photoelectric coupler features close to the ordinary transistor output characteristics. Testing connection figure 2, figure d, c, e, three wires correspond to b, c, e, over the socket of the instrument.