2X5X7mm Rectangle LED

2x5x7mm White Mist LED

2x5x7mm White Mist LED

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1.2x5x7mm White Mist LED


1)Description: Lamp LED

2)Size:  2x5x7mm  

3) Shape: Rectangle

4) Color: White

5) Emitted colors: White

6) Lens type: White mist

7) Brightness: as our normal brightness

8) Viewing angle: 40 degrees

9) Low light decay: 10% of first 1000 hours

10) Solid-state, high shock and vibration resistant

11) No RF interfence

12) Maintenance free,easy installation

13) Longlife100000hours




High intensity, good consistency, low decay .

Available in various colors and view angle

Meet the RoHS and other environmental certification


2X5X7mm 方形 雾状 无边 短脚.jpg



1. Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting

2. Architectural Lighting

3. General lighting

4. Automotive lights

5. Mood Lighting, LED module

6. Traffic Light

7. LCD TV / monitor backlights

8. LED display

9. Reading light, LED torch

10. Craft flashlights, headlights

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