3mm Round LED

3mm Milky Diffused LED Diode

3mm Milky Diffused LED Diode

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3mm round led diode

super bright for display and sign

Long life solid state reliability

RoHs compliant.


Main LED diode characteristics


Part No.

Emitted Color

Lens Color








3AW2UDWhiteWhite diffused2800-10000K2000-30003.0-3.250






Package Dimensions(mm)


All dimension units are millimeters.

An epoxy meniscus may extend about 1.5mm down the leads.

Burr around bottom of epoxy may be 0.5mm max.


1. We provide 3mm LED, 4.8mm LED, 5mm LED, 8mm LED, 10mm LED, Flux LED.

2.Chip material: InGaN. AlGaIn

3. Emitting color: White, Red, Yellow, Pure Green, yellow green ,Blue, Amber, Orange.

4.Lens color: Water clear, color transparent, color diffused, white diffused

5. Available Wavelength: 470nm, 525nm, 585nm, 610nm, 630nm, 640nm(Tolerance of measurement of peak Wavelength 5.0nm)

6.Available Temperature color: 3300K, 6500K,7000~8000K

7.Application: Lighting, Upholster, Project Building, Display, Traffic Light, etc.

8. Available Angle: 20 degree, 30degree, 40degree, 45degree, 70degree, 110degree

9.Superior performance in outdoor/indoor environment

10.The sample delivery time: Within 3-5days; The order delivery time: Within 7~15days upon payment done


Dominant Wavelength

Red: 640nm to 645nm

Hight bright red: 620nm to 625nm

Blue: 460nm to 475nm

Pure green: 515nm to 525nm

Yellow: 585nm to 595NM

Amber: 600nm to 605nm


Forwarder Voltage: 
Red / Yellow / Yellow Green: 1.9-2.1V

Blue / Pure Green / White: 3.0~3.2V

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