3mm Round LED

3mm Through Hole LED Lamp Datasheet

Emitting color:single color
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1.Absolute Maximum Rating(Ta = 25℃)

Lens ColorColorless
Lead FrameAg plating ironwork Alloy

SymbolAbsolute maximum RatingUnit
Forward CurrentIF30mA
Peak Forward Current* IFP100mA
Reverse VoltageVR5V
Power DissipationPD120mW
Electyostatic dischargeESD2000V
Operation TemperatureTopr-30 ~ +85 
Storage TemperatureTstg-40 ~ +100
Lead Soldering Temperature*TsolMax 260°C for 5 sec Max 

2.Initial Electrical/Optical Characteristics    (Ta=25℃)


itemsymbolconditional valueMin.Typ.Max.Unit
forward currentVFIF = 20mA
reverse currentIRVR = 5V------10μΑ
wave lengthWdIF=20mA
visual angle2θ½IF =20mA8090100deg



3.Refer to reliabiltiy test standard specification for in this line.

TypeTest ItemREF. StandardTest ConditionNoteNumber of Damaged
Environmental SequenceTemperature CycleJIS C 7021-40℃Þ25℃Þ100℃Þ25℃100 cycles0 / 100
(1977)A-430mins, 5mins, 30mins, 5mins
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-107D-40℃Þ100℃100 cycles0 / 100
15mins, 15mins
High Humidity Heat CycleJIS C 702130℃Þ65℃10 cycles0 / 100
(1977)A-590%RH   24hrs/1cycle
High Temperature StorageJIS C 7021Ta = 100℃1000hrs0 / 100
Humidity Heat StorageJIS C 7021Ta = 60℃1000hrs0 / 100
(1977)B-11RH = 90%
Low Temperature StorageJIS C 7021Ta = -40℃1000hrs0 / 100
Operation SequenceLife TestJIS C 7035Ta = 25℃1000hrs0 / 100
-1985IF = 30mA
High Humidity Heat Life Test*60℃    RH=90%500hrs0 / 100
IF = 20mA
Low Temperature Life Test*Ta = -40℃1000hrs0 / 100
IF = 20mA
Destructive SequenceResistance to Soldering HeatJIS C 7021Tsol = 260±5℃   , 10sec1 time0 / 20
(1977)A-11(3mm from the base of the epoxy bulb)
SolderabilityJIS C 7021Tsol = 235±5℃   , 5sec1 time0 / 20
(1977)A-2(using flux)(over 95%)
Lead Pull/Bend TestJIS C 7021Load 2.5N (0.25kgf)No noticeable damage0 / 20
(1977)A-110°Þ90°Þ0°   bend 3 times



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