3mm Round LED

Red Round LED Diodes Without Flange

Red Round LED Diodes Without Flange

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3mm red round led diodes without flange 
Professional manufacture 
Colors Red, 
long life time 


3mm red round led diodes without flange Light Emitting Diodes Water clear 


  An LED is a special semiconductor which emits light when current is passed through it. There are many different physical styles. The emitted color spectrum is usually very narrow. It can generally be specified as a specific wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. The emitted color selection is somewhat limited. The most commonly available colors are red, green, amber, yellow, blue and white. The red, green, yellow and amber have a working voltage of approximately 1.8 volts. You can refer to the data sheet for each LED to find the exact value. The actual working voltage is determined by the breakdown voltage of the particular semiconductor material.

  When using an LED in a circuit, the exact working voltage is not extremely important. The most important thing is the current flow through the LED. The current through the diode must be limited by a series resistor. An LED has a specified maximum continuous current rating. Most LEDs can pass 20 milliamps continuously without damage but it is not necessary to use the maximum rated current. An LED will light with much less current. The difference between high current and low current will be the brightness of the LED. To decide what resistor value is needed, you subtract the working (forward) voltage from the power supply voltage and divide that number by the desired current flow.

And you must know that an led has polarity. This means that the positive and negative terminals must be connected correctly for it to operate properly

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- Primary competivtive advantage:


Professional manufacture

Experienced technical staff

Quality approvals

Moderate in price

Good service



- Specification:


Model No


Emitting color




Packing color


Lens color

Water Clear

Usage voltage(V)




View angle


Wave length(NM)


Luminous intensity(MCD)


Feet type

 Short feet


- Application:


General lighting

craft flashlights,

Led torch


TV set


Telephone computer

traffic lights, electronic facilities


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