5mm Round LED

5mm Red LED With Water Clear Lens

5mm Red LED With Water Clear Lens

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Spatial Distribution


Reliability Performance

Test Classification Test ItemTest ConditionsTest DurationSample Size
Life TestLife TestTa=25℃±5℃,IF=20mA1000hrs10PCS
Environment TestThermal Shock Test-10℃±5℃←→+100℃±5℃100(cycles)10PCS
5min. 10sec. 5min.
Temperature Cycle Test-55℃±5℃←→+85℃±5℃100(cycles)10PCS
30min. 5min. 30min.
High Temperature &High Humidity TestTa=85℃±5℃240(hrs)10PCS
RH =85%±0.5 %RH
High Temperature StorageTa=100℃±5℃1000(hrs)10PCS
Low Temperature StorageTa=-55℃±5℃1000(hrs)10PCS
Mechanical TestResistance to Soldering HeatTa=260℃±5℃5 (sec.)10PCS
Lead IntegrityLoad 2.5 Newtons (0.25 kg)3 (times)10PCS
0° ~ 90° ~ 0°

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                                                     Current-Voltage Curve

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    Current-Luminous intensity Curve                               Current-Luminous flux Curve



  1. Application 

    A.Office equipment & Communications equipment & Home decoration

    B.Traffic control & Medical equipment & Air transport

  2. Storage


    B.Relative Humidity:≤70%

    C.Usage Time in Packing Container≤3 months

    D.Long-Time Storage Condition:Drying Cabinet(with desiccant or Nitrogen)

  3. Wash 

    A.Use alcohol to wipe LED Lampes,Washing Time≤3 minutes(at normal temperature)

    B.Notice:Be careful about washing colloid by chemical goods.Such as: trichloroethylene,acetone etc.

  4. Pins Fitting 

     (1)Must be 2 mm from the colloid to bend the stent.               

     (2)Stent forming must be done by a fixture or by a professional.

     (3)Support must be completed before welding.

     (4)Support is required to ensure that the pin and spacing are consistent with the circuit board

     (5)Welding must be carried out at normal temperature, and when the LED is normally welded to the PCB board, the mechanical pressure should be applied to the LED pin as far as possible.

    Bend stent≥2mm(between pins &colloid)


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