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5mm Yellow LED

5mm Yellow LED
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Basic Info


Product NameWavelengthForward VoltageForward CurrentLED Application
5mm yellow LED589nm2.0-2.5V20mADisinfection, Identity Verification, Medical...


Kento is a Market-Leading LED Manufacturer and Solution Provider.

Strong R & D Forces

* A strong R & D team of more than 40 experienced engineers. 
* CNAS Accredited Laboratory.
* Launch highly-competitive new products seasonly.
* Revolutionary launch for a full series of high power & high integration ceramic flip chip led.

Extensive Application Experience & Quality Commitment

* Strict control over raw materials selection. 
* 5 Years Warranty; 
* Reliable long life span; LM-80 certification for High Power LED 1-300W. 
* More than 10 years' experience in Outdoor Lighting application both in domestic and overseas market.
* Supported many government lighting projects.

Outstanding Service Level

* Professional Sales Team backing up with experienced engineers.
* Best Quality & Best Price & Best Service.
* Customizaiton and OEM service available.

Any assistance needed, please feel free to contact with ELLEN ZI

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