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Water Clear 2800K Warm White Color 0.06W 5Mm Dip LED

Water Clear 2800K Warm White Color 0.06W 5Mm Dip LED

Name:5mm round LED
Emitting color:warm white

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1. Color temperature:White: 2800-3200K

2. voltage: 1.6-3.4V

3. continuous current: 20mA

4. Structure: Contact  

5. seal form: In-line type

6. characteristic: Low power

7. life: 50,000HRS

8. Energy-saving and low power consumption

9. degree optional:15,30-45,110-120 degree.


1. Automotive - Dashboard Backlighting, Tail Light, BRake Light

2. Computer and Peripheral Indicator -

3. Display Indications -

4. Electronic Devices Backlighting -

5. Indoor & Outdoor Displays -

6. Panel Backlighting -

What LED light we can do

1.Size:1.8mm,2mm,3mm,4.8mm,8mm,10mm,smd 3528,smd 5050,1w,3w power diode,flash led,etc

2.Outer shape:Round,Flat,Straw hat,Helmet,2x3x4mm,2x5x5,2x5x7mm,SMD,High poer diode,etc

3.Emitting color:White,red,yellow,blue,green,orange,amber,pink,violet,RGB flashing,full color,uv,etc

4.Different wavelength available.

5.Lens with water clear or diffused available

6.Different Lumnious Intensity available


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