5mm Straw Hat LED

5Mm White Straw Hat Led

5Mm White Straw Hat Led

Package type :through hole

Shape : straw hat

Emitting : white

Certification : CE&RoHs

Lead time : 2-5 working days

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5Mm White Straw Hat Led

Quick details

Shape : straw hat
Emitting color : white
Colliod color : water clear
Operating voltage : 3.0-3.4V
Luminous intensity : 1000-1400mcd
Viewing angle : 73-80deg
Certifications : CE & RoHs
Delivery time : 3-5 working days




Pins Fitting

(1)Must be 2 mm from the colloid to bend the stent.
(2) Sent forming must be done by a fixture or by a professional.
(3) Support must be completed before welding.
(4) Support is required to ensure that the pin and spacing are consistent with the circuit board
(5)Welding must be carried out at normal temperature, and when the LED is normally welded to the PCB board, the mechanical pressure should be applied to the LED pin as far as possible.


A.Office equipment & Communications equipment & Home decoration
B.Traffic control & Medical equipment & Air transport


Application effect display

LED working conditions

1. When using LED, the driving current should not exceed the maximum current required by the specification. It is best not to exceed 20mA. It is recommended that the driving current be between 10-20 mA.

2. Each LED will have a different VF value. Therefore, in practical circuit applications, it is better to design a lamp with similar VF values in series on one circuit to facilitate matching resistors with different resistance values to achieve cross-flow.

3. The circuit must be designed to prevent overvoltage (or overcurrent) that occurs during LED switching. Short current or pulse current can damage the LED connection;

4. Some LEDs (blue LED, white LED, etc.) have anti-static requirements, and appropriate anti-static measures should be taken during installation and use;

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