5mm Straw Hat LED

5Mm Straw Hat LED Diode UV Purple 395Nm

5Mm Straw Hat LED Diode UV Purple 395Nm

Type: led

Package type : through hole

Emitting color : red yellow green blue etc.

Wavelength : 395nm

Certification : CE & RoHs

Delivery time : 3-5 working das

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5Mm Straw Hat LED Diode UV Purple 395Nm

Quick details

Size : 5mm

Shape : straw hat 

Emitting color : Green

Lens color :water clear

Forward Voltage : 3.2V

Dominant Wavelength : 395-400nm

Certifications : CE & RHos

Delivery time : 3-5 working days

Our Advantage

1. Less power consumption: light effects to 20 lm/w of the LED power consumption than equivalent incandescent brightness reduced by 80%;

2. Long life: product life of up to 50,000 hours;

3. Nanosecond response time, brightness and color make it easy to dynamically control: enables dynamic color changes and digital control;

4. A large design space: the organic architecture can be realized with the integration to only see the effect of light not seen light;

5. Environmental protection: no toxic metals mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation;

6, color: different wavelengths produce different colored light, bright saturated, no filter, can control red, green and blue primary colors to form a variety of colors, can realize full-color gradients, and other color effects.



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Packing and shipping


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