Single Color Flashing LED

5Mm Fast Flashing Led Diode

Package type :through hole

Shape :round

Emitting :red yellow green blue white

Certification : CE&RoHs

Lead time : 3-5 working days
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5Mm Fast Flashing Led Diode

Product description

Lamp size : 5mm
Light color: R G B COLOR
AbSOlute maximum rating (ta=25℃)
PEAK CURRENT (duty=0.1KHz): 100mA
OPerating/storage temperature range: -30℃---+85℃
Derating linear from25C : 0.4mA / C
Reverse current: 100 uA
Lead soldering temperature range:260 ℃ for 5second






Product characteristics

1. High brightness,
2. The angle of illumination is wide,
3. Low requirements for the working environment,
4. Strong stability,
5. Energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

Product application

Led lamp beads have many advantages, widely used in lighting, lighting, large screens, urban night scenes, urban glory projects, special military lighting and other fields.

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LED installation method

(1) Pay attention to the arrangement of the external lines of various types of devices to prevent the polarity from being wrong. The device must not be placed too close to the heating element and the operating conditions should not exceed its specified limits.

(2) Be sure not to install the LED with the pin deformed.

(3) When it is decided to install in the hole, calculate the size and tolerance of the face and the pitch of the board to avoid excessive stress on the bracket.

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