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High Bright Round Yellow Flashing 3mm LED Diode 500-1000mcd

High Bright Round Yellow Flashing 3mm LED Diode 500-1000mcd

Type:Yellow flashing LED

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Product Details


1.LED: 3mm round led 

2.High intensity 

3.Shape: round 

4.Emitted colors:warm white light,but various colors are available in this shape, such as red, green, blue, yellow, amber etc

5.Lens type: Water clear, diffused, color transparent, color diffused

6.Viewing angle: 25-120 degrees

7.Low light decay: 10% of first 1000 hours

8.Solid-state, high shock and vibration resistant

9.No RF interfence

10.Maintenance free,easy installation


Product structure

1.Utilizing advance InGaN techonology. 

2.Top quality raw material

3.Perfect production technology

4.Test LED photoelectric parameters, test dimension, at the same time according to customer requirements for separation of LED products.


Widely used in digital products, household appliances, consumer electronics, LCD backlight, automotive electronics, instruments and meters, industrial equipment, electronic toys, display, outdoor decoration, industrial lighting, etc.

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