2018 Chairman New Year's Speech: The Same Storm, Tearing Forward
Jan 23, 2018

To my dear colleagues and partners:

      New Year's Eve, 2017 fainted, one year later, the company again rational finishing and summary, we need to do as always, let us eyes, a look forward, a look back. Looking forward is because of the need to foresight and strategy to look forward to the future, look back is the need to know the road traveled, summed up the past successes and failures, gains and losses. Through 2017, both the company and every colleague we have to grow together once again step by step, we all know, but also a profound understanding of the time for each growth we are accompanied by emotions, no matter how the process of growth is Emotionalization, the general direction of the development of each of us and the company has always been positive and progressive. Here, we need to informally congratulate and encourage ourselves.

      First of all, I would like to say something sincere thanks to every colleague on behalf of the company! The development of each company will never be inseparable from the contributions made by each colleague, our company is also true! In 2017, I sincerely thank all my colleagues for their support, dedication and trust. I am grateful to all the clients who have chosen to cooperate with the company. I am grateful to all the people in the community for their helpful help and support. Dear colleagues and partners, thank you for traveling all the way!

      During the development of the company in 2017, it is hard to avoid changing and changing people, things, and things that have experienced some positive and negative effects. My colleague left our team because of ideals, personal feelings and ability to work. Here I would like to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to my colleagues who left. At the same time, we have also ushered in a new colleague in succession. At the most difficult stage of the company environment, we face all the existing problems and make continuous efforts and improvements in response to the most practical problems such as salary and benefits. I believe that one day the company will weather the storm and we will adjust the treatment level according to the actual occupational level of our staff to achieve the principle of giving more and more labor, more energy and more freemen. Believe, I will certainly do what I promised "will love the family into a love for all employees."

       The same boat, tearing forward. In the new year, we will continue to be guided by the market, take innovation as the driving force and take the quality as the core to seize the seven new opportunities that the Chinese economy will release in the new normal (opportunities for the accelerated development of strategic emerging industries and services Industry across the development and opportunities, urbanization opportunities, the rise of central and western regions opportunities for technological change, opportunities for Chinese enterprises to go out, emerging market formats opportunities) optimize the allocation of resources to guide staff and partners to tap the potential for efficiency , To achieve the common development of employees, partners and companies.

       New Normal, New Ideas, New Development and Prospects 2018, Opportunities and Challenges Are Coming, Hardworking and Ideal Coexistence. This will be the key year for our brand rejuvenation plan. We believe that with the joint efforts of all staff and with the concern and help of all friends in the society, the people of Bridgestone will gather their energies and pool their ideas and work together to create a new company in 2018 Situation; lay a solid platform for staff development, make new achievements for the progress of the industry, make new contributions to the development of the industry. Not accumulate without success to thousands of miles; I firmly believe that as long as we start from ourselves, pay attention to the work bit by bit, start from the small things, and do everything around us, our ideal goal will be closer and closer to us, we can achieve by the quantitative The accumulation of qualitative change to achieve sublimation.

       Finally, I wish all of you success in your work in the new year, good health, happy family and good luck!

                                                                          Peng will be silver

                                                                          New Year's Day,2018

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