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Blu-ray Function And Characteristics Of Intelligent LED Display
- Mar 17, 2017 -

Blu-ray-smart displays and Avago HCMS-29XX intelligent display yellow, Orange, red and green products the same ASIC, and package and pin arrangement and HCMS-29XX series are the same, it uses the serial interface of the 5x7 matrix. These high performance matrix display by hiding within the CMOS chip on the circuit board-driven, each display can connect directly and microprocessor or microcontroller, eliminating additional interface requirements. Using the serial interface connector line can at least bring more show word count, easy to read display 5x7 pixels formats can also display uppercase and lowercase Roman letters, katakana and other symbols or characters that are defined by the users themselves. These blue screens in design can be vertical or horizontal stack, very suitable for the number of characters displayed.

Blu-ray-smart display and Avago intelligent display product characteristics which are quite close, major differences between Yu Languang LED high quality color, and the other was some subtle differences in parameters.

As with other intelligent display screen, blue light intelligent displays also use two independent power system, one is for the display of logic circuits, the other provides LED power supply for the monitor. Two power supply systems can keep the pure logic supply and can individually control LED and logic circuit voltage and LED voltage can change between 0V~5.5V and does not affect the point register or control registers.