Kento Donation Helping People To Get Rid Of Poverty
Mar 20, 2018

Three Gorges Zigui Online News (Correspondent Zhang Long Lingxin) Recently, Hubei Yitong Electronics Co., Ltd. has donated 500,000 yuan worth of lamps and lanterns to 15 poor villages in 11 townships in Zigui County for lighting improvement facilities in poor villages.

Hubei Yitong Electronic Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise that specializes in the development, production and sales of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and their application products. The donation of LED energy-saving and environmental-friendly lamps such as bulb lamps, downlights, lamp cups, patch lamps, etc. will be distributed to poor households, which will greatly improve the lighting conditions of households in poor households and reduce the use cost.

Xu Bailing, assistant to general manager of Xintong Electronics Co., Ltd., said that poverty alleviation and charity support are traditional Chinese virtues. In order to help Zigui County get rid of poverty and give back to the old folks' support and love for Qitong Electronics Co., Ltd. for many years, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities, the company's chairman and general manager Peng Huiyin personally donated 10,000 yuan in cash and the company donated 500,000 yuan worth of LED. The lamps and lanterns are used by the county to get rid of poverty and provide hardship to the poor.

(Source: County Poverty Alleviation Office)

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