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LED Display Superior Performance
- Mar 17, 2017 -

1) brightness, and direct sunlight in the visible distance screen surface, the display is clearly visible. Super gray level control with 1024-4096 gray-scale controls, display color 16.7M above, color fidelity, stereoscopic.

2) static scan technique using static latch scanning mode, power-driven, fully guaranteed luminance.

3) automatic brightness adjustment with automatic brightness control function, can be in different light environments for optimal playback.

4) fully imported LSI, reliability greatly improved ease of debugging and maintenance.

5), advanced digital video processing technology of distributed scanning, BSV LCD HD display technology, modular design/constant-current static drive, automatically adjusts brightness, super bright pure color pixels, image clarity and no jitter and ghosting, eliminate the distortion. Video, animation, graphics, text, images and other information displays, networking, display, remote control.