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LED Heat Causes
- Mar 17, 2017 -

LED heat because of which not all the electrical energy into light, but part converted into heat energy. LED light effect is only 100lm/W, electro-optical conversion efficiency of only about CK. That is about 70% of electrical energy into heat energy.

Specifically, the LED junction temperature is caused by two factors:

1. Internal quantum efficiency is not high, which is when electron and hole composite does not 100% Photon, often referred to as the "leakage current" PN carrier recombination rate. Leakage current is multiplied by the voltage of power, which is converted to heat, but do not take up the main ingredient, because the internal efficiency of photon is close to 90%.

2. Internal external photons cannot be all shot to chip and finally converted into heat, this part is important, because it is called external quantum efficiency of around 30%, mostly into heat.

Like previously said although incandescent light efficiency is very low, only about 15lm/W, but it almost all electrical energy into light and radiating, because most of the radiant energy is infrared, so efficiency is very low, but you do not have cooling problems.