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LED Heat Sink Solution
- Mar 17, 2017 -

Led thermal solution, mainly from two aspects, before packaging and encapsulation, can be understood as the Led chip heat sink and Led lamp cooling. Led chip cooling mainly with substrate and circuit selection process-related, because anything made of LED lamps, LED the heat generated by the chip always end by lighting the shell into the air. If the heat sink is not good, because LED chip thermal capacity is small, a little bit of heat accumulation will make rapid improvement in the chip's junction temperature, if working at high temperatures for extended periods, it will shorten the life of it. However, these calories can really guide chip to outside air, to go through many ways. Specifically, LED the heat produced by the chip, from the metal heat sink blocks it out, the PCB after soldering to aluminum plate and aluminum by thermal adhesive to radiators. So the LED lamps and lanterns ' heat include heat actually in two parts.

LED lights shell radiator, however according to the power and place of use, will have different options. There are several cooling methods:

Aluminum cooling fins: this is the most common form of heat, aluminum cooling fins as part of the shell to increase heat dissipation.

Conductive plastic shell: plastic shell injection molding filling thermal conductivity material, increase the plastic thermal conductivity, heat capacity.

Air fluid mechanics: using shell shape, to create a convection air, it is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation.

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