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LED Infrared Lamp In The Field Of Security Monitoring Has Been Widely Used
- Oct 16, 2017 -

LED infrared lamp is to cooperate with the surveillance camera, collecting images at night to fill the light equipment. LED infrared light emitting light, wavelength of 850nm and 940nm2 species, are not visible, with hidden, energy-saving features, in the last 10 years in the field of security monitoring has been widely used.

LED infrared light from the material can be divided into:

1, led light-emitting two-level tube: The current use of the most extensive, cost-effective, IR Lamp LED monitoring distance within 150 meters effect is better.

2, Laser LED infrared light: The farthest distance from the irradiation, can reach more than 200-2000 meters, but the light angle is small.

The principle of LED infrared lamp

(i) Infrared light-emitting diode (LED) principle led infrared light emitting body is composed of infrared light-emitting diode (LED) matrix. The infrared light-emitting diode is made of PN Junction by the material with high infrared radiation efficiency, and the positive bias pressure is injected into the PN Junction to excite the infrared light. The spectral power distribution is the central wavelength $number-950nm, IR Lamp LED the half peak bandwidth is about 40nm, as shown in Fig. 1 (850nm, 940nm infrared light-emitting diode spectrum distribution map). It is a narrow-band distribution, which can be felt by the ordinary CCD black and white camera. IR Lamp LED Its greatest advantage is that it can be completely free of red, (using a 940~950nm wavelength infrared tube) or only a faint red storm (850nm wavelength infrared tube), but also has a long life characteristics.

(ii) light-controlled soft switching circuit the LED infrared lamp adopts a light controlled soft switching circuit to reduce the impact of its working state conversion and prolong the service life of the LED infrared lamp.

(three) constant-current voltage regulator to compensate for the difference of light radiation power of LED infrared lamp in winter and Xia Dihong, the LED infrared lamp adopts a constant current circuit, which makes the infrared light-emitting diode light power stable, thus enhances the use of LED infrared lamp and prolongs the service life.

(d) led infrared lamp selection and the use of LED infrared lamp selection The most important problem is led infrared light and camera, lens, protective cover, power supply, such as complete sets. Some people bought the surveillance cameras, lenses, shields, power, and even after the installation to consider the purchase of LED infrared lights, this is not correct, should be in the design of all equipment considerations, IR Lamp LED it is considered an infrared low illumination night vision monitoring systems engineering to carry out the design.

The effect of LED infrared lamp

Infrared night vision, is in the night infrared camera attached to the LED infrared lights to emit the naked eye of the infrared light to illuminate the object, infra-red through the object reflected into the lens to imaging. The camera is infrared-sensing through the CCD, IR Lamp LED and the CDD is capable of sensing all the light &nbsp, &nbsp, (visible, infrared, ultraviolet, etc.) &nbsp,   So in the absence of visible light, the infrared camera can be imaged to the naked eye, This is the effect of LED infrared light.

LED infrared lights and cameras, lenses, shields, power supply, etc. to support, in the design of all equipment integrated consideration design, it as an infrared low illumination night vision monitoring system engineering to consider the design.

The use of LED infrared lamp must see seven main points

1, LED infrared lamp Red Storm: There is red Storm refers to the LED infrared lamp has visible red light, IR Lamp LED no red storm on the contrary.

2, explosion-proof LED infrared lamp: The use of high-strength materials can be made to protect the general external damage led infrared lamp.

3, LED infrared lamp wavelength on the impact of LED infrared lamp: The longer the wavelength, red bursts smaller, even can reach all no red storm, but the lower the efficiency of infrared light, LED infrared lamp fever higher.

4, the selection of LED infrared lamp: The most important is the complete set, with the camera, lens, protective cover, power supply, such as complete sets.

5, the selection of cameras: Can not be shared with ordinary color cameras, it can not feel led infrared lights, should choose black and white camera or special color camera (automatic induction infrared, color black and white automatic conversion). IR Lamp LED The camera has the automatic electronic shutter function, AGC automatic gain control function, the lens has the automatic aperture, adapts the day and night illumination very big change, the LED infrared lamp to the voltage has the strict requirements should try to choose the AC 24V or the direct current one-way power supply, the outside light is more complicated, IR Lamp LED So outdoor than indoors to choose the radiation distance greater effect will be better.

6, in addition to the matching, but also take into account the following factors:

A, LED infrared lamp, in the selection of LED infrared light irradiation distance.

b, the shield on the effect of LED infrared light, infrared light in the transmission process, through different media, transmission and reflectivity is also different. Different window glass, IR Lamp LED especially the automatic defrost coating glass, the attenuation of infrared light is also different. In addition to the possibility of reflection of infra-red, resulting in a white or aperture image.

7, LED infrared light Other small common sense: with the rapid development of infrared night vision system, LED infrared lamp production and supply manufacturers will also increase, but the red light products are not as easy as some people imagine, in the technology, testing equipment and other aspects of the condition is also different, I hope users more than more, careful choice. The user uses the LED infrared lamp first to carefully read the instruction manual, specially in order to guarantee the personal equipment safety matters needing attention. Check whether the supporting aspects described above meet the requirements, should take into account the impact factors are considered, IR Lamp LED if not meet the requirements, can adjust the equipment used in a timely manner. The user should not raise the power supply voltage without authorization, because the LED infrared lamp is designed, taking into account the full exertion of its irradiance and its safety and reliability. Improve the supply voltage, may make the LED infrared lamp burned, should not be arbitrarily chaigai led infrared lamp. If this is done, the manufacturer may no longer be responsible for repairs. If there is a problem with the LED IR lamp, contact the manufacturer or supplier.