LED Light Bar A Wider Range Of Applications
Nov 06, 2017

LED light bar because of long life (normal life expectancy of 8 to 100,000 hours), green and gradually emerge in various decorative industries. Lights with. Is the abbreviation of LED light strip, most people say when not accustomed to the term is too long, so the front of the LED to the omitted, directly called the light belt. LED Strip light This lamp with the name also contains a lot of large second-tier before, big three, round two, etc. directly with LED wire instead of LED FPC or PCB with the old lamp, of course, also includes a flexible lamp and hard lamp belt.

The power of the LED light bar 1210 is only 4.8W per meter, and the power of the 5050 LED light bar is 7.2W per meter. Compared with traditional lighting and decorative lamps, LED Strip light the power is several times lower and the effect is much better.

LED light bar LED light components, as a single LED power is very low, usually 0.04 ~ 0.08W, so the heat is not high. Can be used as decorative fish tank lighting, and will not produce a lot of heat caused by water temperature, affecting ornamental fish growth.

LED light bar with soft FPC substrate, LED Strip light can be bent without any break, easy to shape, suitable for a variety of advertising needs.

LED light bar composition of materials Whether LED or FPC, the material is the use of environmentally friendly materials, are recyclable, will not be used as a result of extensive use of the resulting environmental pollution and damage.

LED light bar is low voltage DC 12V supply voltage, so the use of security. Both the elderly and children can safely use without causing potential safety problems.

The normal life of LED light bar is 8 to 10 million, LED Strip light 24 non-stop work every day, its life span is almost 10 years. Therefore, the life of LED light bar is several times the traditional lamps.

LED light bar is easy to install, with fixed clips, trunking, wire, iron mesh, etc. can be installed on a variety of support surface.

In addition, the LED light bar light, thin, therefore, the use of double-sided adhesive can also be fixed function. No professional staff can install, LED Strip light you can really enjoy the fun of DIY decoration

LED light bar is widely used in building outline, steps, booths, bridges, hotels, KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs, a variety of large animation, calligraphy and advertising design and other places . With the gradual maturity of LED light bar technology, LED Strip light its application will be more extensive.

The use of led light bar is very wide, mainly for the following purposes:

1, home decoration (ladder lighting, hall walkway lighting, lighting decoration, edge Crochet decoration);

2, path instructions and the outline of decorative facades, billboards backlighting, advertising signs, channel signal signs;

3, building buildings pavilions, bridges, parks, squares and other contours, building body lighting decoration, a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting project;

4, holiday decorations, event venue set, LED Strip light exhibition venue decoration, exhibition decoration, showcase, windows, props and other decorative lighting applications;

5, car chassis decoration, high brake instructions, LED Strip light body decoration, interior decoration;

6, hotels, bars, KTV, nightclubs and other high-end entertainment decorative lighting.

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