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LED Light Bar Stability Excellent
- Sep 28, 2017 -

LED light strips are widely used in the market, LED light strips on environmental pollution, low energy consumption, excellent stability, LED light bar response time is very low. LED light strip is mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration. Because most of the longer like ribbon and also glow, so people call it led light strips. The structure of LED light strips is very simple, consisting of several LED lights, metal wires and skins, and the shape is banded. Because the current LED light strip with very thick rubber plastic as a protective layer, LED Strip light so this has become a major feature of it, the skin is thicker with insulation waterproof effect, there is a need can be placed underwater can also. And because it is very soft, can bend to create a lot of shapes, so people also call him the LED soft light bar.

LED lights suitable for the hotel, KTV, bars and other recreational places to do decoration to foil the atmosphere. Apply to the pursuit of trendy romantic, like creative friends, LED Strip light for personal apartments and new home decoration, its soft, light, thin features are suitable for DIY own personal space. Suitable for automobile chassis decoration, car body and interior decoration, high brake decoration and advertisement decoration, City lighting engineering, exhibition hall and building exterior wall decoration and other fields.

The use of LED light strips is very extensive, mainly for the following purposes:

1, home decoration (staircase lighting, lobby corridor lighting, lighting decoration, edge hook side decoration);

2. Path indication and exterior wall contour decoration, LED Strip light Billboard backlight illumination, advertisement sign, channel signal sign, etc.

3, building towers, Bridges, Park square contour, building lighting decoration, a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting projects;

4, festival decoration, event venue set, exhibition field decoration, LED Strip light exhibition hall Decoration, Showcase, window, props and other applications decorative lighting;

5, car chassis decoration, high brake instructions, body decoration, car interior decoration;

6, hotels, bars, KTV, LED Strip light nightclubs and other high-end entertainment decorative lighting.