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LED Wash
- Mar 17, 2017 -

LED display screen prior to installation and after installation need to be cleaned, this is a very important link, prevents the LED display panel in action in the process is not clear, mosaic, and a black screen with color, and so on. Display in operation after a certain period of dusty junk, such as display, regular cleaning and maintenance of LED display screen, can prolong the service life of LED display screen, improving the quality of LED display screen. Cleaning of LED display screen either before or in the loading screen after the loading screen, is particularly important.

1.LED module of the semi-finished products cleaning

LED modules are only semi-finished products when there is no mounting kit, need to use dedicated wash Board water for washing, wash after wash Board water and then LED module with the hair brush, accelerated dissolution of rosin flux and peeling, removing dirt and impurities.

2, LED electronic display installation after cleaning

LED electronic display install the display after a period of time there will be dust and debris accumulate, in order not to affect the display of the display, needs water or water and detergent cleaning agents to clean the surface of LED display screen, only for surface cleaning and caution when cleaning, clean water into the LED module cannot be on the reverse side.