Optocouplers Are Widely Used In Combination Switch Circuits
Nov 06, 2017

Optocoupler mainly by the light source, by the light receiver, with small size, long life, strong anti-interference, non-contact and many other features.

Optocoupler is a photoelectric conversion device, the input power is first converted to light energy, light energy is then converted to the output power

Optocoupler, the full name for the optocoupler interface circuit, the English name Optical Couple, abbreviated as OC, is a kind of optical media for the transmission of electrical signals photoelectric conversion device. Optocoupler is mainly composed of light source and light receiver. Dip Optocoupler It has the characteristics of small size, long service life, strong anti-interference, no contact and so on. It has been widely used in the combination of switching circuit, combinational logic circuit, automatic control of hall lighting Circuit and other circuits.

There are many different types of optocouplers classification, according to the different optical path can be divided into internal and external optical path optical path (which can be divided into transmission and reflection), according to the different forms of packaging can be divided into coaxial Light, Dip Optocoupler flat package type, SMD package type and other, according to the different transmission signals can be divided into digital and linear type, according to the different channels can be divided into single-channel type, Dip Optocoupler dual-channel type and multi-channel type can also be based on Isolation characteristics of the different speed, the output of the different forms of classification.

Optocoupler mainly by the light source, signal amplification and light-receiver composed of three parts. Among them, the light source is generally a light-emitting diode, and the signal amplification part is generally a semiconductor optoelectronic device. The light-receiving device is generally a light-sensitive device (a photodiode, a phototransistor, a phototransistor, etc.).

Optocoupler works

In the light source part, with DC, AC or pulse power supply, the light-emitting diode plus forward voltage conditions, it will be converted to electrical energy to produce light-emitting phenomenon; Dip Optocoupler、 in the signal amplification part, the semiconductor optoelectronic devices signal amplification for use in In the light receiver part, the photosensitive device utilizes the PN junction to apply the reverse voltage. Dip Optocoupler Under the illumination, the principle that the reverse resistance changes from large to small changes the light energy to the electric energy, and the phenomenon of light extinction appears. Therefore, after the light source, signal amplification, three parts by the optical receiver, photoelectric coupler to complete the electro-optical conversion.

Photocoupler works - Features

1) wide range of operating temperature, Dip Optocoupler in line with the requirements of various fields;

2) Easy to connect logic circuit;

3) The matching of the light source and the receiver is relatively ideal, Dip Optocoupler the reaction speed is fast and the efficiency is high;

4) has a strong isolation performance, fully isolated between the input and output isolation;

5) Optical signal one-way transmission, no feedback.

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