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Photoelectric Coupler Switch Speed Fast
- Sep 19, 2017 -

The photoelectric coupler is a device which encapsulates the infrared light emitting device and the infrared light receiving device and the signal processing circuit in the same tube seat. When the input signal is added to the input-end light-emitting device led, led light-emitting, light accept the device to accept the light signal and convert to an electrical signal, and then the direct output of electrical signals, Dip Optocoupler or the amplification of electrical signals into the standard digital level output, so as to achieve 8220; power-light-electricity & #8221; Light is the medium of transmission, so the input and output end are electrically insulated, Dip Optocoupler also known as electrical isolation.

Characteristics of Optocoupler

Because of its unique structural characteristics, the photoelectric coupler has the following obvious advantages in the actual use process:

(1) can effectively restrain the noise of the grounding circuit, eliminate the interference, Dip Optocoupler so that the signal field and the main control end in the electrical completely isolated, to avoid the main control system was accidentally damaged.

(2) The electric signal can be transmitted between different potentials and different impedance, Dip Optocoupler and the function of amplifying and shaping the signals is greatly simplified.

(3) Fast switching speed, high-speed photoelectric coupler response speed to the NS order of magnitude, greatly expanding the photoelectric coupler in digital signal processing applications.

(4) Small size, the device uses two-row direct-insert package, with a single channel, Dip Optocoupler double channels and up to eight channels and other structures, the use of very convenient.

(5) can be replaced by transformer isolation, will not be caused by the contact beating of the peak noise, Dip Optocoupler and vibration and impact resistance is strong.

(6) The high linearity photoelectric coupler is used in the medical equipment in addition to the power monitoring, and can effectively protect the patient's life safety.

The main advantages of the photoelectric coupler are: signal one-way transmission, input and output completely realize the electrical isolation, output signal has no effect on the input end, anti-interference ability, work stability, no contact, long service life, high transmission efficiency. Photoelectric coupler is the development of new devices in the 70 's, has been widely used in electrical insulation, level conversion, class coupling, drive circuit, switching circuit, chopper, multi-harmonic oscillator, signal isolation, class isolation, Dip Optocoupler pulse amplification circuit, digital instrumentation, long-distance signal transmission, pulse amplification, Solid State relays (SSR), instrumentation, communication equipment and microcomputer interface. In the Single-chip switching power supply, the linear photoelectric coupler can be used to form a optocoupler feedback circuit, Dip Optocoupler and by adjusting the control end current to change the duty ratio to achieve precision voltage stabilizing purposes.