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SMD LED Antistatic Ability
- Sep 08, 2017 -

SMD LED is a kind of LED components, and plug-in led different is only the package form, it has a smaller volume, better controllability, the light angle is also greater, it has a good controllability, blue-jin photoelectric can be used in different semiconductor materials to produce different light-emitting color led, SMD LED and can be through the fluorescent powder, Process color and other ways to finally get a variety of visible light.

The advantages of SMD LED

1, high luminous efficiency, narrow spectrum, good monochrome

2, high color rendering, vivid color display, SMD LED excellent color reduction ability

3, green Environmental protection. Non-leaded, mercury and other poisonous and harmful substances

4, obtained the authoritative appraisal of national science and technology achievements

5, precision constant current, life up to 50,000 hours, low attenuation

6, the use of imported chips; Features: high brightness, low attenuation, small energy consumption, long life. Strong antistatic ability. Products are using silicone packaging, SMD LED environmentally friendly lead-free process product requirements.

7. High brightness and good uniformity of light color;

8, the use of Japanese imports of high quality silicone glue packaging, light decay low, long life;

Application fields

Widely used in LED lamps, LED bulb lamp, LED panel light, LED ceiling lamp, LED street lamp, LED lamp, Miner's lamp, stage light lighting, flashlight, lighting, spotlights and outdoor billboards, electronic display, traffic lights, signs, car taillights, led light-emitting module, LCD backlight, LED lighting, led soft/hard strip, etc., SMD LED is to replace the traditional lighting source

SMD LED Features:

1, can be arbitrarily curved, can be fixed at any concave surface;

2, every 3 ledled supplier lamp can form a circuit;

3, small size, rich color;

4, each three LEDs can be arbitrarily truncated along the above tangent, SMD LED without damaging the other parts;

5, by the printed circuit board printed circuit board suppliers, back with double-sided adhesive, used for product fixed;

6, can achieve chasing, scanning, font, animation and other changes;