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SMD LED Has Many Models
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Characteristics of SMD LED

① luminescence principle is a cold glow, rather than by heating or discharge luminous, so the component life than tungsten bubble length about $number times, about 100,000 hours.

② does not need to warm the lamp time, the light response speed is faster than the General Electric lamp (about 3 ~ 400ns).

The ③ electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, SMD LED the electricity consumption is small, compared to the bulb province about 1/3 ~ 1/20 energy consumption.

⑤ has good shock resistance, high reliability and low system running cost.

⑥ easy to small, thin, lightweight, no shape restrictions, easy to make all kinds of applications.

SMD LED internal Packaging has three of LED chips, SMD LED the extension of six pins, welding to the PCB circuit board surface, because it is directly with thermal adhesive affixed to the surface of the radiator, so that the heat dissipation has been greatly improved, SMD LED so that the reliability of a large increase in light decline has also become smaller. For high-power led mainly using high thermal conductivity metal ceramic composite substrate, SMD LED main features are:

(1) low heat conduction resistance;

(2) Thermal expansion coefficient match (TCE: 6. 2);

(3) Anti-ultraviolet;

(4) corrosion resistance and yellowing;

(5) Comply with RoHS standards;

(6) High temperature resistance.

SMD LED also has many models, different models of light source There are many kinds of different models of the SMD LED brightness contrast, the results will be very dissimilar. However, SMD LED models generally have 5050, 3528, 0603, 1206, 3020, 5060 and so on, in addition there are many different models of SMD LED models! After the comparison between the models, also through different models of brightness contrast, SMD LED the results should be 5050 and 3528 models, good point, although the SMD LED brightness contrast results and some people are not the same idea, SMD LED but can also be ignored, by their own decision SMD LED model!