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SMD LED Is A Cold Glow
- Oct 25, 2017 -

SMD LED is a process of LED lights and technical progress, for SMD LED product features are a lot of desirable place.

Characteristics of SMD LED

luminescence principle is a cold glow, rather than by heating or discharge luminous, SMD LED so the component life than tungsten bubble length about $number times, about 100,000 hours.

does not need to warm the lamp time, the light response speed is faster than the General Electric lamp (about 3 ~ 400ns).


electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, the electricity consumption is small, SMD LED compared to the bulb province about 1/3 ~ 1/20 energy consumption.

has good shock resistance, high reliability and low system running cost.

easy to small, thin, lightweight, no shape restrictions, SMD LED easy to make all kinds of applications.

SMD LED packaging technology is to first put the fluorescent powder and epoxy resin configuration, to make a mold, and then add a good powder of epoxy resin cake, and glue cake affixed to the chip, and then filled with epoxy resin, and then made into SMD packaging led. In the market more see the appearance size for the (mm) x50 (mm) SMD LED internal Packaging has three of LED chips, the extension of six pins, the welding to the PCB board on the surface, SMD LED by the direct use of heat conductive adhesive affixed to the surface of the radiator plate, and then make the heat dissipation has been greatly improved, so that the reliability of a large increase, Light decay also becomes smaller. High-Power LED selection of high conductivity metal ceramic composite substrate, its main features are:

(1) low heat conduction resistance;

(2) Thermal expansion coefficient match (TCE: 6. 2);

(3) Anti-ultraviolet;

(4) corrosion resistance and yellowing;

(5) Fit RoHS Standard;

(6) High temperature resistance.

LED packaging thermal resistance on the LED Chip's stature has a decisive impact, especially on the large current-driven LED chip, led packaging products cost and cooling function depends on the structure of the package bracket, and the package bracket is small size, thin, good heat dissipation direction, In a single SMD LED packaging more LED chips must think about the heat, and the selection of high thermal conductivity metal ceramic composite substrate high-power SMD LED is the main advantage is the ultra low heat resistance, SMD LED Viahay Company in January 2010 launched the new appearance of white light led. Select PLCC-4 package, optimize the lead frame to make the heat resistance to 300k/w, power dissipation up to 200mW, and then enable the device to use up to 50mA Drive current, SMD LED so that the brightness of the Vishay selection PLCC-2 package high-brightness SMD led twice Times "'." Ultra low heat resistance high power SMD LED package because of its small and thin. More suitable for small space use, this feature for a lot of use to bring great convenience. Compared with other SMD LED packages, when it keeps the same temperature, it drops the request for the heat sink, and when the same heat sink is elected, the temperature is lowered and the length of the LED package is prolonged.

SMD LED Specification:

(1) Metal Bracket type: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and so on.

(2) Metal stent (commonly known as small butterfly) type: 2mm, 3mm and so on.

(3) TOP LED (white shell) Type: 1208 ($number), 1311 (35*28), 1312 (35*32), 2220 (55*50), etc.

(4) Side light led: 0905 (22*12), 1105 (28*12) 1605 (40*14), etc.

SMD LED: 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 5050. ⑴0603: Conversion to metric is 1005, which means that the length of the LED element is 1.0mm, Width is 0.5mm. Industry abbreviation 1005, the imperial term is 0603. ⑵0805: Conversion to metric is 2125, which means that the length of the LED element is 2.0mm, Width is 1.25mm. SMD LED Industry abbreviation 2125, the English term is 0805. ⑶1206: Conversion to metric is 3216, which means that the length of the LED element is 3.2mm, Width is 1.6mm. Industry abbreviation 3216, the British name is 1206. ⑷1210: Conversion to metric is 3528, which means that the length of the LED element is 3.5mm, Width is 2.8mm. Industry abbreviation 3528, the imperial term is 1210. ⑸5050: This is the metric, which means that the length of the LED element is 5.0mm, Width is 5.0mm. SMD LED Industry abbreviation 5050.

SMD LED is also known as SMT led, its luminous principle is that the current through the compound semiconductor, through the combination of electrons and holes, the excess energy will be in the form of light release, to achieve the effect of light.