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The Characteristics Of Strong Anti-interference Performance Of Optocoupler
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Optocoupler is a device that transmits electrical signals using light as a medium, usually encapsulating the light-emitting diode (IR LED) and the light emitting device (photosensitive semiconductor tube) in the same casing. When the input signal is added, the light is emitted by the light device, and the optical current is generated from the output end, thus the "electric-optical-electric" conversion is realized. The photoelectric coupler with input signal is coupled to the output end by light, because it has the advantages of small size, long life, Optocoupler no contact point, strong anti-interference ability, insulation between output and input, Optocoupler one-way transmission signal and so on, it has been widely used in digital circuit.

Optocoupler is the transmission of signals in the form of light, the internal circuit is a photosensitive transistor and light-emitting diode combined into an electronic component is encapsulated in a plastic shell, Optocoupler access to the circuit, the input signal through the light-emitting diode into the same regular beam, and then to the photosensitive transistor. The photosensitive transistor converts the received beam to the same beam signal as the light-emitting diode, Optocoupler which realizes the conversion of the electric-optical-electric. Light plays the role of the media.

Optocoupler takes the optical signal as the medium to realize the coupling and transmission of the electrical signal, and the input and output are completely isolated on the electric circuit, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability. For the industrial application measurement and control system which includes both the weak control part and the strong electric control part, the optical coupling isolation can be used to realize the isolation of weak and strong electricity, Optocoupler and to achieve anti-jamming.

The main characteristics of Optocoupler are as follows:

1. Input and output between the insulation, its insulation resistance is generally greater than 10000mω, withstand pressure can be more than 1kV, and some can even reach more than 10kV.

2. Because the optical receiver can only accept the information of the light source, the other can not, so the signal from the source to the optical receiver will not appear feedback phenomenon, Optocoupler its output signal will not affect the input.

3. Because the light-emitting device (gallium arsenide infrared diode) is a resistive current driving device, and noise is a high internal resistance of micro-current voltage signal. Therefore, Optocoupler the common-mode rejection ratio of optocoupler is very large, so the optical coupler can restrain the interference and eliminate the noise well.

4. Easy to cooperate with logic circuit.

5. Fast response speed. The time constants of optocoupler devices are usually in milliseconds or even microseconds.

6. No contact point, long life, small size, impact resistance.