817C Optocoupler

817C Optocoupler

Place of origin : Guangdong ,china(Mainland)

Type :optocoupler

Approved : CQC UL CSA

Delivery time : 3-7 working days

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817C Optocoupler

Quick details

Place of origin : Guangdong ,china

Brand name : kento

Pin size: 2.54mm

CRT : 50~600%

Dissipated power : 70mW

Certifications : CQC/UL/CSA

Delivery time : 3-5 working days



1. Current transfer ratio (CTR: MIN. 50% at I F =5mA, V CE =5V)
2. High input-output isolation voltage (V ISO =5,000Vrms)
3. Response time (tr: TYP. 4μs at V CE =2V, I C =2mA, R L =100 Ω)
4. Package type:
JC817 ﹕ dual-in-line package
JC817M ﹕ wide lead spacing package
JC817S ﹕ surface mounting package
JC817S1 ﹕ the other surface mounting package
5. CQC approved
6. UL approved
7. CSA approved


Performance characteristics

The input impedance of the optocoupler is small compared with the impedance of the general interference source. Therefore, the voltage of the voltage divider at the input end of the photocoupler is small, and the current it can supply is not large, and it is difficult to make the semiconductor diode emit light; The outer casing of the device is sealed and is not affected by external light; the isolation resistance of the optocoupler is large (about 1012 Ω), and the isolation capacitance is small (about several pF), so it can prevent electromagnetic interference caused by circuit coupling.

Package type

Packing material : packing bags and standard carton box.

Factory introduction

Our production plant is located in Hubei Province, China. The factory has been in existence for more than 20 years. Through continuous efforts, we have created our own R&D team, design team, production team, etc., which provide good quality products. The basics.

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