Patch Optocoupler

Patch Optocoupler JC357 SMD-4

Patch Optocoupler JC357 SMD-4

Model: JC357
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1. The JC357 is an optocoupler isolation device made of an infrared diode and an NPN phototube

2. The PIN spacing of the JC357 is 2.54mm

Part Details:

Manufacturer: KENTO

Part No: JC357


1. Current conversion ratio CTR: 50 to 600% (at I F = 5mA, V CE = 5V)

2. Insulation voltage between input and output is high (V ISO = 3750Vrms)

3. With 4-pin miniature SOP package structure,

4. Environmental protection RoHS compliant

5. Safety compliance with CQC, UL, VDE, CE requirements


1. Various types of communication equipment.

2. System equipment, measuring instruments.

3. Electrical isolation and signal transmission between high and low voltage circuits.

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