P8 Smd LED Module

Outdoor P8(ph8) 3528/5050 Smd Led Display

Outdoor P8(ph8) 3528/5050 Smd Led Display

P8 SMD LED Display Panel product features are as follows: 1, uniform color, high contrast, natural and beautiful picture 2, low power consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection 3, ultra-wide viewing angle design, expand the scope of the audience 4, anti-ultraviolet, deformation resistance Packages, protect the flatness of the screen without distortion 5, dual channel heat dissipation design, low attenuation, long service life
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 outdoor P8(ph8) 3528/5050  smd led display


1) Full color LED display: Equally or compactly make the red, green, blue color in one DOT, equally distribute at the panel, so make the whole display 

2) Usually apply for physical sports, advertisement, bank, stock exchange, station, port, marketplace, telecommunication, department, school, monitor, restaurant, entertainment.


•Wide adjustability range allows the user to regulate the display brightness for all environmental conditions.

•Good uniformity and consistency provides for an amazingly sharp, vivid and clear Image.

•Wide viewing angle up to 110 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical

•Low energy consumption and rapid heat dissipation aid in extending the product life span.

•Easy to maintain with simple LED module replacement.

•Using SMT or AI automatic production line reduces manufacturing variation and improves product quality.

•Unique cabinet design allows for quick assembly and disassembly; especially for temporary exhibits and renting








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