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0603 Smd LED Warm White 3200K

0603 Smd LED Warm White 3200K


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Product Details

0603 Size


the maximum absolute nominal value = (environment temperature 25 ℃)

parameterabbreviationNominal valueunit
Forward current IF20mA
Forward peak current *1IFP100mA
Reverse voltageVR5V
Welding temperatureTsoL

Reflow soldering:250 °C,8sec.

Manual welding:300 °C3sec.
Operating temperatureTopr-40°C~+85
Storage temperatureTstg-40°C~+85


Package detail

1.The leds are packed in cardboard boxes after taping.Keep away from water moisture in order to protect the leds.

2.Taping specifications

3.Reel Dimension




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