1206 SMD LED

1206 White Smd Led

1206 White Smd Led

Package type : smd led

Emitting color : white

Viewing angle : 120deg

Delivery time : 3-5 Working days

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1206 White Smd Led

Quick details
Place of origin : hubei ,china (mainland)
Package type : smd led

Appearance size(L/H/W) : 3.2X1.6X0.8mm

Emitting color : white

Working voltage : 2.6-3.2V
Operating current : 30mA
Viewing angle : 120degree

Delivery time : 3-5 Working days

Product description

1. Appearance size (L/W/H): 3.2 × 1.6 × 0.8 mm
2. Color: high brightness white light
3. Colloid: yellow flat colloid
4. EIA standard packaging
5. Environmentally friendly products that meet ROHS requirements
6. Suitable for automatic placement machine
7. Suitable for infrared reflow soldering process



The development prospect of led patch

From a global perspective, China's Taiwan packaging output accounts for 60% of the world's share. The industry's middle and lower divisions have a clear division of labor, and the supply and sales of the industrial chain are stable. Especially after the packaging manufacturing is transferred to the mainland, the production cost is competitive. It is expected that in the next 5-10 years, The Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Fujian and other regions will become the world's LED packaging center.



Factory introduction and display

Our production was established in 1997 and is located in Hubei Province, China. It has strong production and operation capabilities and can guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

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