3528 SMD LED

SMD 3528 White Color 6500-7000K

SMD 3528 White Color 6500-7000K

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1 3.5X2.8mm smd led

 2 Lens color:water clear

 3 Emitting color:white

 4 View angle:120℃


1. car: dashboard, brake lights, turn signals;

2. Backlight: LCD screen, keyboard, advertising keyboard; 

3. Status indication: consumption or industrial electronic devices;

4. Other use occasions.



SMD 3528 white color 6500-7000K



2.Electrical/Optical characteristics

SMD 3528 white color 6500-7000K

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SMD 3528 white color 6500-7000K

Typical Applications

• Led strip,Led module,Led tube,Led bulb

• Uplighters/Downlighters

• Decorative/Entertainment (stage light)

• Bollards/Security/Garden

• Indoor/Outdoor Commercial and Residential Architectural

• Automotive Ext (Stop-Tail-Turn, CHMSL, Width Lamp)


Handing LED

LEDGUHON recommends the following at all times when handing LEDs or assemblies containing the these LEDs:

• When handing the LED with tools like Tweezer or Nipper, do not apply Mechanical Forces directly on LED's Surface.

• Do not touch with hand LED Lens surface directly. It may contaminate the Lens surface and affect on optical characteristics.

• LED should be handled from side because LED's molding material may be damaged with scratching on surface, piercing molding material and broking wire.

(The picture below just for reference)

high bright cool white led 3528 SMD type

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